What will this blog be about?

I intend for this blog to be a mix of personal anecdotes, reviews, recommendations, and critiques of production equipment. This will include photography and videography equipment along with various industry equipment. In my almost 10 years of photo and video experience, I have had the opportunity to try many wonderful pieces of equipment and learned innumerable tips and techniques. With experience coming from a hobbyist along with being able to work and learn with a lot of equipment through in IATSE, I have a diverse range of knowledge that can benefit those in the industry and those who just find passion in creation. 

I began my odyssey through photography and video where many do, high school. My photography instructor was a seasoned veteran through photography. She was a photographer by passion and was even lucky and skilled enough to do it professionally through her personal works along with wedding photography. I learned many important lessons through her lectures and stories that gave me a strong platform to stand on while reaching for more advanced techniques and concepts. My school was fortunate enough to be able to provide Rebel T3i cameras to use and check out so my experience with hobbyist grade equipment started early. 

After two years of exploring photography, I transitioned into videography in the form of being a part of my school's student produced weekly show. These were not live, and consisted of multiple segments shot/edited by students. Learning the basics of video editing, and some intermediate techniques in school was helpful because I was able to get a lot of constructive criticism that those who teach themselves often lack. My particular segment was ran by myself and my best friend, we were often complimented by how it was the highlight of many people's experience of the weekly program. In particular, our segment was a clips show of funny internet videos we found that week and inherently required more than basic editing skills to produce a quality product. In addition to that regular segment I frequently produced more traditional video segments featuring interviews or product reviews with quality sound production.

During my time in that program I realized I had a passion for video much larger than that I even had of photography. Upon realizing that passion I begin creating content for fun and to push myself. I expanded my skill set by research on the internet and communicating with other people passionate about video. At one point I was uploading to multiple YouTube channels I had made, the reaction I got from friends and family only fueled my desire to make and learn more. My creation passion coupled with another one of my hobbies led me to learning about live streaming, which piqued my interest because it seemed to mix my love of computers and my love of video. 

Interest in learning live streaming influenced me while I work in IATSE. The productions I worked on allowed me to learn a lot about industry video production and equipment. From asking questions I was often learning a lot and able to learn with the equipment involved in top industry event productions. By that point I had already learned a lot about professional video and photography, and decided to merge my experience with my biggest passion: business and marketing.

Business has interested me all my life, beginning in elementary school when I started a kid business of buying books at yard sales, cataloging them, then designing an advert to hand out to teachers at my school. I even had bundle deals of different series, and bulk deals. I not only noticed a need from the teachers, but was able to connect it to a solution I could provide. It had mild success but was inevitably dwarfed by my inexperience with pricing. 

Ever since then I regularly sought information of business. From books to lectures I learned about many facets of business, eventually settling on what I found to be the most important of them all which was marketing. Near the end of high school I quickly realized I wanted to be a Marketing major, and considered the possibility of a minor in entrepreneurship considering I was a minor in entrepreneurship. Currently I am a full time student in addition to working with my passion.

Effective marketing is what makes businesses really thrive, and today it just so happens that the largest rising form of marketing is in video format. Not only is it effective but it is quickly becoming more and more essential in all forms of business. Video marketing used to cost an arm, a leg, and then another arm and leg and only the big dogs could do it. Now, video marketing can be done well at prices that should be regularly driving small businesses in troves to freelancers and production studios.

If geographical convenience isn't the predominant value a business provides, it can benefit and profit off of video marketing.

This realization, after validated through conversation and research, first led me to explore producing video as a career. There is nothing that aligned with my passions and created a new one as much as producing video as a freelancer has. From assisting in getting students sports scholarships, to the satisfaction of aiding small business, it has been incredibly rewarding.